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Basically the show is 4 guys (John Holmberg, Frank Caliendo, Chuck Powell and Rich Page) sitting in a room goofing around and recording it. We try to make each other laugh, have fun and even shock each other… all while hoping you have fun listening to it.

This is not Frank’s normal TV comedy, nor really like what you’ve seen him do at a club. It goes further than what you have heard John do on the radio… and downright threatens Chuck’s existence in the business. The show can go anywhere… it can get filthy, politically incorrect… and even down right wrong.

This show is not for the easily offended…. actually, its not for people who get offended at all… you will hear in the first moments of our first podcast… we get on the “wrong path” right away.

So we’re telling you right now, DON’T LISTEN TO THIS VERSION if you’re going to complain about that type of stuff. (Listen to the Edited Version at FrankCaliendo.com/podcast)

…You really want to listen now, don’t you? If so, then maybe you are a bad person.